Grow your business
with a turnkey solution

Win and keep contracts with easy-to-use, turnkey solutions that demonstrate your commitment to safety and efficiency without breaking the bank. See immediate return on investment with many administrative efficiencies straight off the bat, decreasing the amount of time you spend on paperwork and giving you more time for billable work.

Reduce paperwork and meet tight deadlines

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Low-cost, easy to set-up solutions

Delays cost money, which can hinder bids to win and retain contracts. A major contributor to delays is ensuring workers are compliant and competent. Repetitive, time- consuming paperwork can put work on hold while documents are filled in and reams of workplace procedures read. This can often result in a lack of proper engagement with critical content, increasing on-site incidents or costly unscheduled rework.

CodeSafe have a range of easily implemented toolkits that help businesses meet compliance while still ‘getting on with the job’:

  • Fast track compliance and reduce risk with a low-cost, out-of-the box solution designed for SMBs
  • Take control of your workplace with ready-to-run templates that can be customised to meet your business requirements
  • Impress your clients with a state-of-the-art software platform without breaking the bank
  • Stop wasting time double handling paperwork and inputting data into a spreadsheet, use the QIN mobile application!
Builders equipment and construction workers

Less risk. More profit.

To maximise profits, businesses need to complete projects on time and on budget. As a result the temptation is often to have a ‘just get the job done’ approach, which can compromise compliance, quality and safety. At the same time, lengthy inductions and paper-heavy procedures often delay critical activities. The level of risk to both workers and business owners increases as the business rushes to finish the job on time to avoid budget blowouts.

Use CodeSafe’s out-of-the-box toolkits to visually induct, improve site visibility and compliance:

  • Speed up inductions and ensure workers are compliant with e-forms that can be filled in, logged and saved, eliminating masses of paperwork
  • Use visual resources to communicate critical workplace procedures and processes, ensuring you have done all you can to educate your workforce and meet your compliance requirements
  • Provide on demand, ongoing access to visual induction content for all workers anytime day or night
  • Post-job reporting helps to prove to your clients that you have met your quality promises
Construction site concrete pump

See what good looks like and get it right the first time

Keeping workers up to date on the correct procedures and compliance requirements is vital. Yet, for smaller businesses it can be a nightmare, inevitably resulting in delays, more risk for workers and overblown budgets. Access to critical information is often via written procedures or face-to-face training on or offsite. While managing and tracking compliance involves masses of paperwork putting pressure on business owners’ limited time and resources.

CodeSafe helps solve these issues with visual content that demonstrates how to do a job right without investing substantial man hours in distributing documented procedures or collecting masses of paperwork:

  • Consistently communicate correct workplace procedures through short instructional videos, avoiding the need for rework
  • Verify comprehension and engagement and manage compliance with e-forms that workers can access and complete via a mobile device
  • Have real-time visibility of what is going on remotely through pre and post job reporting

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