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Vicki Le Lievre

Bookkeeping & Payroll

Vicki joined the company as a part-time bookkeeper in 2012 and is responsible for processing the paperwork for CodeSafe’s business transactions and also oversees company payroll.

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Siva Potluri

Senior Java Development

Siva joined Revelation Software Concepts (RSC) – a CodeSafe partner – in 2015 as a Java developer. As the partnership between RSC and CodeSafe progressed, his role expanded to developing technologies for the QIN communication platform.

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Daniel Project Manager

Daniel Clark

Project Coordinator

Daniel joined the CodeSafe Solutions team in 2019, taking on the role of project coordinator. He is responsible for ensuring the successful delivery and implementation of a customer’s unique solution.

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Dhanya Team analyst

Dhanya Nair

Business Analyst/Solutions Architect

As a business analyst & solutions architect, Dhanya oversees the creation of customised solutions to resolve a client’s unique challenges. Her responsibilities encompass process scope and mapping, liaising with the technology team on solution design and beta testing.

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Chris Carruthers

Development Lead

Chris first joined Revelation Software Concepts (RSC) – a CodeSafe partner – in 2007 as a junior java developer. As RSC and CodeSafe’s partnership evolved, Chris’s role grew to include development lead for CodeSafe.

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Alex Wales

Alex Wales

Media Producer

Alex started at CodeSafe Solutions in 2018, taking on the role of media producer. He is responsible for filming and editing client videos, ensuring their messages are communicated effectively to their workers.

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Andie Gorrie

Andrew Gorrie

Media Director

As media director, Andrew is responsible for all media creation at CodeSafe. His duties include managing the workflows of staff and contractors and creating training packages for all organisations from SMBs to enterprises.

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Helen Loucas

Customer Solutions Engineer

Helen is responsible for QIN CodeSafe’s platform/application support and training.  Her duties include preparing proposals for SMB customers, demonstrating the solution’s capabilities, helping build forms for customers, phone support and one-on-one training at client locations.

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Jacqui Broadford

Jacqui Broadhurst

Co-founder and Managing Director

As a co-founder of CodeSafe Solutions, Jacqui’s first role was as a media director. After managing the initial CodeSafe platform upgrade and subsequent partnership with Revelation Software Concepts, Jacqui took on the role of managing director.

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David Broadford

David Broadhurst

Co-founder and CEO (Chief Engagement Officer)

David co-founded CodeSafe Solutions in 2011 to transform how critical information is communicated to remote workers. With a background in the construction industry managing the installation of pipelines all over Australia, David developed CodeSafe’s award-winning Experiential Learning Process to improve worker engagement and reduce risk in the workplace.

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