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Not all heroes wear capes

At its heart, support must focus on building relationships with customers, discovering what makes them tick and how they prefer to engage with information, to be able to soar beyond ‘mere support’ and enter the realm of, what I like to call, ‘superhero support’.

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CodeSafe Solutions | A new chapter video

In 2011 Codesafe set out to solve a problem but along the journey discovered a way to achieve greater things. We have pioneered a new way of communicating critical information. Our heart is about honouring people and their learning preferences and equipping people for work, but this overflows into their lives by building confidence, competence and resilience.
A new chapter has dawned for CodeSafe Solution.

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CodeSafe | Smart Inductions

Do you feel inductions are wasting time and money, and really just ticking a compliance box? Keen to improve your induction process? CodeSafe has developed a smarter way to conduct workplace or multi-site inductions that are less frustrating for staff and contractors. Discover more about CodeSafe smart inductions and forms.

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QIN – Quality Information Now!

QIN – Quality Information Now!
Delivering critical information to diverse and remote workforces can be a nightmare. CodeSafe powered by QIN (Quality Information Now) communication solution gives you the means to deliver important information, training and instruction to your workforce instantly, wherever they are.

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CodeSafe Solutions | Field feedback

See what good looks like and get it right the first time. Discover how organisations in high-risk industries can protect workers from on-site incidents using QR codes and mobile visual micro-learning content. Listen to what workers in the field had to say about the technology.

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McConnell Dowell | Field feedback with CodeSafe

Visual content is fundamental in increasing capability, improving worker engagement and reducing risk in the workplace. CodeSafe worked with McConnell Dowell to produce short videos demonstrating correct workplace procedures to its workforce. Discover the key to successful video production and learn from the construction company’s experience.

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