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Minimise risk.
Maximise profit.

SMBs are under constant pressure to win and keep projects without breaking the budget or endangering workers. Our customisable toolkits for SMBs help you to spend more time doing your job and ensure the safety of your workers.

Work smarter not harder without compromising safety or quality

Project delays are bad for business. Costs inevitably rise as deadlines pass, putting pressure on workers to ‘get the job done’, often leading to costly, unscheduled rework or a rise in workplace incidents. You can adapt our toolkits to your requirements, enabling you to work faster, minimise the risk to you and your team and get the job done right.

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Slash paperwork and save time

Lengthy induction processes and time-consuming reporting processes can quickly result in overblown budgets – a nightmare for SMBs already operating on slim profit margins. At the same time, access to critical information via written procedures or face-to-face training stretches an SMBs limited time and budgets even further.

Our customisable SMB toolkits can help you to:

  • Massively reduce time to complete your paperwork
  • Easily fill-in all pre/post job reporting while on site
  • Access visual support for critical procedures on demand
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Better manage your people and projects

Managing a small team and multiple projects is a lot of work. Projects must be kept on time, within budget and conform to numerous codes and regulations. With so many factors to keep control of the better you can manage your team the easier it is to get the job done well and maximise profits.

Using our dedicated SMB toolkits you can:

  • Improve communication with on-site workforce
  • Simplify worker and plant management
  • Access pre/post job forms using a mobile device
Carpenter marking timber on a sawing horse wearing safety gear

Reduce risk and raise visibility across sites

Communication with your workforce is vital, regardless of their location. Even more so when your team is spread across multiple sites and projects. An inability to effectively communicate critical workplace procedures and safe practices contribute to delays in activity. Factor in poor visibility of what goes on at every site, every day, and it’s hardly surprising projects can fail to meet budgets and timeframes.

CodeSafe’s toolkits help to solve these issues through:

  • Increasing productivity across multiple sites with consistent messages
  • Delivering insight into worker activity at all sites
  • Collecting workforce data for auditing purposes

What Toolkits are available?

Our expert team has created three user-friendly, ready to go mobile solutions based on how many workers you have. The cost-effective toolkits help to reduce man hours spent on essential administration tasks such as inductions, pre-starts and post job reports, enabling you to complete projects on time and within budget.

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